Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a few about this and that

oh ya, nak share tis dgn anda semua last 8th dec 2011, was Airasia 10th annivesary ,so here ada few pics me n frens hang out till late kat KL conventioN centre ...amik ko smp seremban pukul 5.30pagi...jgn tergezut i pakai tudung merah...he he he tudung dah terbang dat time!!

another BFF ...mas@YUNAM...

d best eva pic! ...spot me!

my BFF Nisa(with red scarf) & farhan

ada mcm filem titanic x?...kate rambut merah

x menang apa2 pon.. ;( ..anyway i hve lots of fun!!!

part of desserts...yum yum yum...

Life + Hidup...redha

DFCC for kak Ana

thanks to kak ana marhana ... selamat berpindah mantau ke s2..I wish a same things too,nak buy a big house for me and family.Boleh anak2 berlari keliling rumah,tanam pokok2 such serai,kari etc...

DFCC for tirot...

Tira...awat hang dpt lucky draw 10k,aku nie lansung hampeh kedaung x dapek papo...Insya'Allah den target 10 tahun den kojo baru dpt kot lucky draw cam hang...

thanks to kak Zaa@idaman jelita

Ur daughter sgt2 cantik especially dpt sentuhan dari ej dan mischka tue...n d dress damn sgt2 soft pinky n feminie,

steam choc moist


for intan and officematenyer...

steam choc moist with buttercream filling (with edible image)

thanks to noorhuzaimah,hope ur kids enjoy their boiboiBoy!...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Its friday...and Im in Lov!

thanks a lot Zurin.She ordered tis cake for her sista's engagement...

Yeha!!! ... i did some magic on my piccha!!! seriously its not diff as i tot...
before that thanks to Syafa n nizam too!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cakes and Cupcakes

tis few Adorable pics credit to scardejavunai !!! ...she ordered tis and she did some magic ..walllaa!!! am clueless :)

thanks to Judith and Nizam(my sengal boss)

SCMC Jr. size RM14 each

thanks to Cheralyn AA PD

40pcs mix oreo CC

with buttercream and crushed oreo topping

and tis...he he he goes to Liyana duty travel AA,


layer inside buttercream + blueberry

ganache topping

BZ and Heart Feeling

Salam...Hi there!.In between, i dunno where shud i start,actually.Im bit lost lately...its not ez yup its not ez to be a mother or wife .U need full of commitment to handle both.Sometimes we are very good in handling ur kids but u failed on the other part as a wife.Its not good thow to reveal here...yes! Beck rs perlukan kaunseling to handle this feeling.In marriage,people used to say pengorbanan + pengorbanan + pengorbanan + understanding dari salah seorang...nope i dont agree on that...it has to be both party okay!!!...dat is my opinion thow...yes definetely I hope he know what hes doing all this while....